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Experience Nā Pali

With Hanalei Charters

Nā Pali

The Nā Pali Coast is a majestic and awe-inspiring natural wonder located on the northwestern shore of Kauai. Stretching for 17 miles, this stretch of coastline is a breathtaking display of nature's grandeur. Towering cliffs rise dramatically from the sparkling blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. Waterfalls cascade straight into the sea. Pods of spinner dolphins dance and weave through the ocean currents.

Aerial Image of Na Pali Coastline.jpg


Visiting the Nā Pali coast is a transformative and spiritual experience, connecting you to the profound energy of nature and leaving a lasting impact on your soul. As you navigate the coastline, a sense of awe and reverence fills your being. The sheer magnitude and beauty of the surroundings inspire a deep appreciation for the interconnectedness of all living things.


Nā Pali holds a sacred place in Hawaiian culture, and you may feel a sense of reverence for the traditions and stories woven into its fabric. The energy of the land carries the echoes of ancient rituals and spiritual practices, inviting you to connect with the wisdom of the past.

Our Boats

Our raft style Adventurer boats provide a unique and exciting way to explore the waters and coastline. These versatile and lightweight vessels offer a thrilling adventure while ensuring safety and comfort. The custom built boats are designed to get areas on the coast not accessible to larger boats. We're able to navigate all of the sea caves (weather permitting) along the coastline.

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